Scammerprenueurs…. they’re everywhere!


At the risk of being suddenly unpopular with some self proclaimed  boss babes, which let’s face it has never really bothered me before I’m about to burst open the lid on some social media “abundance” fauz pas. Please give me a thumbs up if you have seen people lavishly travelling the world and boasting recent out of the box financial success as an “entrepreneur” using a “90% automated” affiliate marketing around .

Give me a thumbs up if they “PM’d you” their secret recipe for success and it turned out to be a webinar that ended up costing around $99 USD, your phone number, a few hours of your life. Oh wait and the potential of a $15,000 debt for a glorified water filtration system as a buy in to what is a quasi ponzi (with a side of multi level marketing) scheme. THIS SYSTEM prays on the weak and vulnerable (their dreams, their common sense and their hip pockets).

I’m 100% all for seeing others succeed and make gains in life but the thing that bothers me about our mates at “GAZ” (or entrepreneurs floating on an artificial money bubble with its equally questionable “business practices” ) is the expense that “success” comes at… ie, friends, family, values and risk. DO NOT fall prey to this crap and become part of the problem.

Let’s be honest when asking friends and family to go into debt to “invest” is a habitual practice (whether you are sunning yourself in the Bahamas or not) make no mistake your moral compass has gone to the dogs. And irrespective of whatever lies you feed yourself for breakfast people have a right to question your dubious practices ESPECIALLY on the forum in which you are dragging in unsuspecting vict… I mean “investors.”

In short, if someone advertises or entices you with a get rich quick scheme recognise it for what it is.. AND for crying out loud if you don’t want to invest in miracle water that cannot be scientifically proven not to cure cancer…. don’t say you haven’t been warned. Con artists are everywhere…They might have even gone to your old high school. So choose who you do business with or invest in wisely. And if it looks and smells like a con… go with your gut. Because when that bubble bursts like bitcoin will… the fallout ain’t gonna be pretty.

Work hard and be good for your mothers!! naomi-fryers-signature


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