It’s our birthday


We’ve flipping made it (we just turned one)! Exactly, this time last year I had just hit publish and launched my humble little blog. I sat refreshing google analytics, nervously as friends came to check out my site. I really wanted to create a tiny corner of the internet where it was ok to share and be unapologetically me. I had a vision for a space where I could share my meanderings with those who wished to follow my journey. And, I wanted to create a zone that fought mental health related stigma through encouraging discussion around topics that are otherwise considered taboo or hushed up. Plus, have a laugh along the way.

Within three days of launch I celebrated my first 100 Facebook fans, so things looked promising. Throughout the course of the last twelve months fans have steadily increased. I feel as though I’ve had some good laughs (and also shed some not-so-private tears as well). I have created the space I felt the cyber-sphere was lacking and the community has continued to grow. Throughout the course of this past year, I managed to complete my Elephant Journal academy apprenticeship and share much of my written work and output here. I have learned heaps in fact it’s been a steep curve.

I was also nominated for the Ausmumpreneur Award in the ‘Influencer’ category and many of you voted for me. I went on to become a finalist in ‘The Big Idea’ category of the same awards. On another occasion, you guys helped me raise over 1.2k for Beyond Blue in The Run Melbourne half marathon of 2018 where I completed the course in my ‘stigma fighter’ superhero lycra undies. In an undersized iridescent orange as opposed to the superhero red I had my heart set on but then again online attire purchases through are always a gamble (or so I discovered).

It’s been a wild ride sharing the trials and tribulations of life with each and every one of you. And I’m grateful that you are all here. I tend to think of birthdays as a time for reflection, both for the year (and indeed years) gone by and in particular, the one moving forward. And this is where shit gets exciting because crikey, do I have some surprises in store for you guys!! This last year has been one of personal growth and personal development in many respects. I’ve survived, and at some stages I have thrived. And my absolute mission for this site in the next year is to grow exponentially in line with my soul.

I’m ready to open- up the community. I’m ready to create on steroids. I’m ready for you guys to share the floor and publish some of your own stories on my site too. I’d love to hear from you if there’s something you’re keen to submit. It’s time to spread the wings beyond my comfort zone. It was timely that a few short weeks ago I joined Turia Pitt’s ‘School of Champions’ (SOC). And just last week I announced to my peers that I’m going to grow our Facebook tribe to 10,000 members by New Years Eve of 2020.

Just today I’ve been working on an editorial calendar for the year and other less glamorous blog related pursuits to ensure that the content coming up absolutely hits the mark. A deep and humble thankyou to the friends and those of you who have supported me in my creative endeavours. There’s been some twists and turns including the book that never was, BUT you’ve hung in there with me.

I am indebted and grateful to those of you who have followed along at home, the handful of trolls who finally found their way here and made life more ‘interesting’ and all our followers in between. I was brave enough to stick my neck out a year ago when we hit publish and I’m so glad I did. But now it’s time to do it all over again, just supercharged. This year wouldn’t have been the same without any of you. Let’s make this next year of the best year yet. You’re a pack of bloody rippers! One milestone down, plenty more to come, onwards and upwards always.





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