Essential Oils


When I was a bold and cheeky primary school kid I had some big dreams and a vision around being an entrepreneur. I also loved sharing stories and knowledge (which is power after all) with others. In primary school I had a knack for ‘process writing’ and my other favourite project in school was creating a vision board for how I would spend a million dollars. Having been raised in the 1980’s in the humble northern suburb of Epping (surrounded by paddocks and before the plaza existed!) I was thrifty, of course! So I headed straight for the trading post- ‘The Castle’ style. BUT my point is this: even as a young girl I knew I has a knack for creative storytelling and the spirit to chase dreams of abundance. And even as a five and six year old I chased that mighty dollar with heart… The fact that I may have “reinvested” at the local milk-bar is irrelevant to this story…. I swear.

I knew from a young age there was a big wide world out there with spoils and riches to be made and I always did it with love. I had plant sales out the front of my house, sold clippings from those plants I lovingly tendered (to extended family members) and hocked my old stuff I no longer played with at garage sales so other kids would get a go. But by far and away the best fun (not to mention most successful) venture I ever had was when on an entrepreneurial mission selling crushed lavender (as an oil based perfume). I made a small fortune selling to neighbours along with the help of my two older sisters.

Our neighbours from across the road had the biggest lavender bushes ever (as well as a steep driveway excellent for youngster thrill seeking on bikes but that’s another story). We would take cuttings from those brushy purple bushes. And then we’d package them and knock on the doors of friends nearby asking whether they wanted our lovely perfumed potion? I don’t think they ever said no (I was pretty cute so I always knocked) and to this day lavender oil and all essential oils hold fond memories for me. Even as a grown up,with a child of my own, still to this day, lavender holds the scent of fresh and sweet spirited success.

As years went by and I “grew up” I inevitably became a poor university student studying Arts with equally impoverished friends and associates. I had to work in order to financially support myself throughout education and I thought I was being responsible by taking on a part-time job at Bunnings with a steady and regular income… but I don’t recall them selling lavendar.

To be honest though the fact that I ended up in customer service, admin and hospitality for years is my biggest regret in life. Through adversity and mental illness I lost my way and forgot about the answers to my own goals and dreams. (And there is a lesson in that for just about everyone!) Now, I’m actively bringing back the alignment in my life… I’ve decided to resume my passion for creative storytelling through the written word and as part of my biz project and freedom model I’m bringing back that sweet smell of success and carefree spirit.

I’m embracing that lavender oil (and in fact all the amazing doTERRA essential oils) again…. I’ve always been a creative and a dreamer but being an action taker too has put me on the path to freedom. I’d love to share this dream with you, or have you bring your own to the table. I’m a bit older and no longer frequent milk-bars with the riches of my spoils. However, I’m that same little carefree spirit believing in myself and my dreams and selling blended natural oils (just not from my neighbours garden). BUT I’m bringing my dreams back and pathing my way to freedom in the process… Please get in touch with me to share your own life dream and vision for a happier, healthier, more natural, holistic and vibrant future. Together we can figure out a way to make that YOUR reality!

(Super blogger/ Head Honcho/ Biz Babe and Wellness Adocate)