Ok so the timing for this is terrible …. (in terms of preparation especially). However, I was nervous I’d be a late scratching from this event due a combination of health reasons, family commitments and a new job. As a result I missed the boat where everyone suddenly feels that little bit more generous before tax time. 🤑 Having been down and out and then put into hospital has meant limited opportunities for training.

And I know everyone is going to think I’m crazy for going ahead with this (which would be clinically correct) … But I’m still in for Run Melbourne half marathon.

I’ve got the most serious FOMO (for the oldies that’s ‘fear of missing out’) and I hate to have to quit and go back on my word. I committed to Run Melbourne as a Beyond Blue champion ambassador over six months ago and to pull out now wosuld feel terrible. I would undoubtedly beat myself up with regret like, forevs. SO IT’S ON…. (maybe not like donkey kong) but I’m still competing and I don’t even care if I come last as long as I finish.

After this week the cause feels closer to my heart than EVER before. I’m recovering and starting to understand that while dark thoughts creep in and the ‘negative pack of bitch committee’ in my mind sometimes feeds me lies, life is 100% worth fighting for. My son, husband and family are worth fighting for. I am worth fighting for. I am also really grateful this week in particular that people feel comfortable enough to share their struggles with me too.

And if I look hard enough for a silver lining I guess now that I don’t have a job pulling up badly won’t mean the end of the world?! Now here’s the pull… I need people to help me celebrate overcoming the black dog and getting back up on my two feet again. That is feet that will cover 21.1kms. I need people to donate. I need people to share this message and spread awareness that it’s ok to be open about struggles with mental health because silence can kill. And I also need people to decide whether or not it’s a practical or logistical nightmare to try and compete in a ‘stigma fighter’ cape.

Let’s raise awareness for beyondblue and help with the fight for suicide prevention. A little support goes a really long way when you are down and out and I’ll also be going a really long way.

Don’t let me do it alone.



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