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Writing can be a solitary endeavour. Too often isolation can lead to burn out, fatigue and that icky stuck or confused feeling. That’s exactly how I felt within just days of my blog and biz launch. I had spent months and months churning out content that I’d almost forgotten how to stop, smell the roses and enjoy the creative play along the way…

Given that my site was always a labour of love completely aligned with my values,  that really didn’t sit well with me. I’d forgotten the f word… nope not that one – FUN!

So, when I heard about the opportunity to attend a blogging workshop in Melbourne’s central business district I jumped at the opportunity to refocus among peers, regain and clarity and perhaps most importantly reignite my creativity.

The workshop was run by an esteemed editor, Ann Bolch, of ‘A Story To Tell’. I planned to get there early to fangirl her up close and personal but the traffic between Melbourne’s outer east and the venue (and quaint little place known as The Curate Space on Little Collins Street) had other ideas…

We started the workshop by responding to prompts that truly realigned me with my mission. I blew up my reasons ‘why not?’ then went on to gain invaluable ideas for at least half a year’s worth of content through a group brainstorming mastermind facilitated by Ann. The other attendees were all accomplished in their own right and contributed their brainpower to help me think outside the box. The opportunities really are endless.

My take home message for the day was to get back to basics and enjoy the simplicity of writing digestible posts through the use of a succinct, flexible template that serves as a doable secret recipe for success! I’ve been writing for years and honestly cannot believe how far I have gotten without this structure to my posts.

My only goal in attending this workshop was to feel less ‘stuck’, but I got so much more!

By connecting with peers I really lifted my vibration and rose above the isolation I had previously felt. And the development tools, templates and clarification all helped facilitate an incredible fruitful mindset shift.

I honestly can’t put a price tag on this kind of workshop. ‘Life- changing starts to do the creative think tank justice. It was the most invaluable four hours I’ve spent in a long time.

If you’re merely surviving rather than thriving in your corner of the world wide web… something’s not quite right.

DO NOT endure it. Start to enjoy it by recalibrating, reconciling and reconnecting with yourself, your purpose and your creative play! It may well be the most productive four hours of your blogging life.

The next workshop is on 27 March. Sign up for it here:

Remember: swing by my blog later and thank me for the heads’ up on this little game changer – I can’t wait to hear what you achieved. Oh, and you’re most welcome! I’ve got you. 😊



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