Before I met Rach, I thought I needed to ‘get a life’


So yesterday was one of those days. I woke up tired as [email protected]*%! My mind automatically started scanning for excuses why I couldn’t make it to work. Let’s keep in mind I’m two and a half weeks into my 12 week probation period for a day job that has perfect hours that are practically unheard of. I automatically started berating myself… Naomi, stop being lazy, you are such a quitter. What a flake… you’ll never make it or measure up to expectations.

Do you think that kind of negative self-talk helped? Nope. It just kicked my overwhelming anxiety up a gear. And the pressure was on after a mate had talked me up for the position. While my head started spinning I rationally couldn’t even think of a single reason work would be so “uncomfortable” that I’d be sitting on the bath having heart palpitations at the thought of driving into the carpark. I think I felt paralyzed by the ‘what if’s’ and failure vs success narrative. I have failed at shit before. I took it personally and I found it paralyzed me with fear.

I scanned my brain for an answer. What did my mate Rach (who also happens to hold me accountable as a 1:1 Business and Life Coach) tell me to do when shit gets hard? I think of my end goals obviously. But even more importantly I think, “Who do I want to be in this moment?” I wanted to be calm, content and consistent… EVEN BOLD (or at least quick witted and cheeky). I wanted to get the job done. I wasn’t sick. Ted was fine. I had a car full of petrol and my job is good.

When exactly did I get so fucked up that routine tasks or basic life curve balls send me into a tail spin with sweaty palms? I know the answers to these questions but can’t answer them in a single blog post. Anyway I took a minute. Then I took a breath. Sat on the edge of the bath and thought of Rachel Korevaar of RK Coaching who I have literally trusted with my life. I knew what she would say….

I could have chosen to stay home but I would have spent the rest of the day beating myself up about not earning money for the family and probably relapsing with cigarettes under the pressure. I could hear Rach, “who the fuck do you wanna be? Now… AND three months from now? So what steps are you gunna put in place to get there?” Half an hour later I was pulling into the qork carpark 5 minutes early for my start.

As I sat down at my desk my boss who owns the business ribbed me about not expanding my data sheet. I told him gleefully I had good eyes because I was so young. There she was (that bold chick)! And I switched my mobile onto silent for the day. But as I did I noticed I got an invite to buy a ticket to see Tony Robbins in Cairns. Stuff that, I thought… Rach is everything. She has the goods and knows when to give me a good dose of tough love and kick up the jacksy.

For those who think I’m mad to pay for a life coach… today she undoubtedly saved my bacon and paid for herself. I’ve heard people laugh about life coaches while they pay to service their car and fridge and work on muscle strength training with a personal trainer.

Personally at this point I’d much rather invest in keeping the wheels on the somewhat wobbly cart that is my life. My Rach is real, raw, no bullshit and I love her for the tangible difference she has made in my life (and that of my family). And on a sidenote: I had a great day at work. So Rach and I are working on planning, self talk, breaking shitty habits that don’t serve me. Eff yes I’m down for that. Bring it on. Let’s all make our own brand magic. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to realise I never needed to get a life… what I needed was to get a life coach.

And I’m confident I’ve got the best in the business! If you are keen to talk to her please let me introduce you. Or better still she can introduce herself via the YouTube link below.

And then if you feel ready to move from ‘Woah to go!’ plus make your own magical living spree flick her an email at [email protected] and you can thank me later. WE GOT YOU!!



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