I’m an ordinary suburban mum who has lived a life that arguably could be described as quite ‘out of the box’ and extraordinary. I am a writer and blogger who has been published in a number of celebrated U.S and Australian based publications. I am also a wellness advocate, a back of the pack half marathoner, and a doTERRA enthusiast with a keen interest in mental health (and in particular combatting depression and anxiety with holistic natural health). I strive to create authentic content about everyday life that is real, raw and honest. I hope that it resonates with my readers because it’s easy to relate to.
I have a lived experience of significant mental health challenges that have played a big part in my spartan like obstacle ridden ultra-marathon course that I call life. I started this website because I see the value and power in sharing experiences through story telling particularly things that are ordinary and lifestyle related. I want others who have experienced challenges with mental health or life more generally to know they’re not alone. I’m open to sharing my journey with anecdotes, fun, laughs, good yarns and hopefully a bit of entertainment value.
Looking forward to sharing my adventures (including overcoming obesity and fighting mental health related stigma). I’m open to exploring opportunities with my readers; from business to products I love and even opportunities for personal development. There will be writing of course (and running to raise some vital funds for suicide prevention along the way). I hope you take solace in my frank and honest approach. So although I am a dreamer and born creative I always strive to keep my content real and “on the level.”
Oh, I’ll do my best to keep politics, religion and sex off the agenda… but no firm promises there. 😉
Be well my friends from far and wide and most importantly happy reading…