Hi and wow! You have heard about my writing? That’s a pretty great start.

BUT the fact that you are here and eager to learn more about my ideas about life, the world and offering hope to those with mental health issues makes my heart sing-a-ling…

So, guess what?

You’re in luck. You’ve come to EXACTLY the right place.

I know you didn’t expect a third person biography and I don’t plan on giving you one fortunately. It’s just not me, it’s just not ‘us’ or how I envisage our relationship flourishing.

Realistically we want our partnership to become something creative, brazen and real, that can fight mental health related stigma by either

  • Changing society’s expectations of ‘normality’
  • Encouraging others to be unapologetically true to themselves
  • Giving a voice to consumers, carers, families and communities
  • Making greater inclusion accessible for a better quality of life

And fighting for change at a systemic level as well.

So, let’s unapologetically cut to the chase.

Here is what you need to know:

We can do this. It’s time to embark on a real journey… are you ready?

Through my content and candid and compelling storytelling that generously shares my lived experiences I’d love to help you promote progressive advancements in social justice for those living with a mental illness or disability. I’m relatable, dedicated to the cause and have a nose for what makes a good story.

Speaking of which, did you know I have my own book being published by the kind press in time to offer hope for recovery during Australia’s Mental Health Week of 2020? I’m writing this book to be of service, share my story, offer a candid and tangible lived experience and offer hope for recovery.

I’ve previously had my works published by editors over at Elephant Journal, and The Huffington Post along with various celebrated U.S and Australian-based publications. I’m also a former editor of The Good Men Project and ‘Lot’s Wife’ which is the illustrious social- justice based student publication for Monash University’s Clayton campus where I completed a Bachelor of Arts, way back when… prior to my first mental breakdown. Although to be honest most of the really interesting stuff happened subsequent to that anyway.

That includes things like;

Becoming an International Day of People With Disability (IDPWD) Finalist for work on a consumer led initiative

Getting to attend AusMumpreneur as a ‘Big Idea’ Finalist (2018)

And being awarded Blogger of the month by Kate McKibbin which even saw me granted exclusive use of a coffee mug marked – “I’m kind of a big deal on the internet.”

Anyway, if you’re digging what I’m throwing down and heading into 2020, you won’t stand for lack of awareness about mental health issues and stigma around suicide, mood disorders, psychotic symptoms and the impacts of trauma, be sure to jump on my email list below;

You’ll get updates from me and information on how to get your hands on a pre- release copy or signed author edition of my debut book, The Long Way.

And if that’s not enough of me for now (and here’s hoping it isn’t) and there’s another way you think my content may be of service, please contact email me at [email protected] with the subject line ‘Let’s smash stigma!’

Bring on the mental health revolution!! I’m ready, are you?