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Hello There!

Welcome to my corner of the cybersphere.

If you are interested in writing that aims to eradicate stigma around mental health issues from a lived experience or consumer angle, I think you’re amazing. But not only that, well done on finding me because you have certainly come to the right place.

My writing (much of which is set in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia) is thoughtful, entertaining, progressive, brazen and promotes social justice. I have a lived-experience of mental health challenges and undertaking an arduous but rich recovery journey.

I also happen to be a prolific story- teller and well published writer with a nose for a good story. I’m candid about my own struggles and recovery journey and work to promote hope within my communities and hope to have an even greater impact moving forward.

I have been widely published and am a budding author who will have my first book published by the kind press, an Australian based publisher in Australia’s Mental Health Week (in October) of 2020. My journey will then be available in all good bookstores for purchase.

I am writing it to promote hope, smash stigma, increase inclusion, advocate for change and breakdown some societal expectations around what is considered ‘normal.’ I also want everyone (irrespective of life’s challenges) to know they have a story and more importantly a voice inside them worthy of being heard.

I am also writing my debut Australian book The Long Way in support of the Black Dog institute and their incredible work on suicide prevention. A percentage of all sales revenue generated from my story will go directly to them. Helping to support their vital work will be an amazing biproduct of sharing my story.

For any publication related queries or requests please contact me at [email protected] using the subject ‘Lending your voice’ or ‘Let’s Smash Stigma’ and I’ll endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

For more from me please also subscribe to this site’s subscription box for updates on the progress of The Long Way and all my other writerly and mental health related pieces of work.

Hopefully I can also help in your part of the cybersphere and I’m really looking forward to continuing this journey, together.


Comments on my work

“Naomi, thanks for sharing. I have also suffered the challenges of mental illness. I am on the recovery path but it is a long and winding road! It is good to hear from people like yourself who have reached their goal, hopefully I’ll be there soon. I certainly don’t feel as much on my own as I once did! x”

Guest at Every Australian Counts

“I have printed this out to hang on my wall for future reference. I greatly appreciate this.”

Shannon, a guest at The Good Men Project

“So beautiful and so honest.”

Heidi, a guest at Elephant Journal

“A beautiful response to a terrible situation.”

Erin, a guest at The Good Men Project

“With compassion and reason”

A guest at The Good Men Project


Amanda, a guest at Elephant Journal

“I loved reading this piece. Thank you.”

Janice, a guest at Elephant Journal

“A courageous endeavour and brilliant narrative Naomi.”

Sukriti, a guest over at Elephant Journal

“Your insight into and description of your thoughts, experiences and feeling during your breakdown are brilliant. I can see and feel what you went through. The stigma on mental illness amazes me when, in fact, it's a brain illness and is treatable. Thank you for sharing.”

Marilyn, a guest at Elephant Journal



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